Xbox update: A GIANT hassle – but totally worth it!

For those who were trying to successfully update your Xbox 360 dashboards last night, more than just some of you may have run into some major issues. Xbox 360 users complained of numerous errors, and not being able to sign into Xbox live properly. Some who were able to sign in, were repeatedly kicked.

These issues were caused for the same reason almost every dashboard update is a pain in rear; There are simply too many people attempting to download the update at a single time. You take into consideration exactly how many people were trying to do this at once, and it almost makes it seem reasonable. However, even though this was expected, it didn’t make it any less irritating.

We gamers are known for being impatient when it comes to things such as this, and the new ‘Xbox home’ happens to be pretty impressive in my opinion. For those of you with a Kinect, there’s no longer a Kinect hub we have to resort to when we feel like yelling commands at our consoles. The new Xbox home is Kinect ready, and it’s pretty fun to order your Xbox around.(with the exception of having to say ‘next’ ten million times) Netflix, Hulu, and other services were all updated to fit in with the new look and feel of the Xbox home, and I definitely like them all a lot better.

The option to use “Bing”,(a popular search engine) is now available. You may speak or type something into the search bar, and see what’s available in regards to what you’re looking for. This service is not something you can use to browse the internet, it’s all Xbox related, and has to do with movies, music, apps, games, and other Xbox material. If you’re using a Kinect and saying your search out loud, you’ll need to be very clear for it to understand you.

There’s other new features, such as Cloud for games. Cloud makes it easier for you to access your saved games when you’re not at home on your own Xbox. If you managed to sign onto Xbox live last night and actually play a game, you probably noticed there are new notifications for when your friends sign onto the same game. I found this to be rather annoying myself, but it could be helpful for others who are playing alone, and I’m positive there’s a way to get rid of them. There’s new apps, such as Epix, which is a service much like Netflix and Hulu. Free trials are available for those of you who have never used or heard of Epix before.

Soon to come are others apps such as YouTube, Crackle, UFC, SyFy etc. I’m especially excited for YouTube since it’s one of the sites I visit the most on a daily basis. The new Xbox home definitely lived up to what I thought it would be, which is awesome. Of course, that’s just my opinion! What are your thoughts on the Xbox home? What do you like/dislike the most about it? Let us know!


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