Trash Talk On Xbox Live

Everyone’s done it at one time or another if you’ve played games via Xbox live. However, it can get totally out of hand. I, myself, am admittedly a trash talker at times. But, I’m not the person getting angry and throwing my controller at the television, I’m the person laughing it off. Also, I don’t start until someone else opens their mouth.

Here’s how it usually goes down; I’m playing a game typically with a party of friends,(usually two or three)minding my own business, cracking jokes. As soon as you get into the after game lobby some loud mouth, or smart ass has a snide remark to say. If they lost it usually goes something like this: “YOU’RE ALL (OFFENSIVE WORD FOR A HOMOSEXUAL IN PLURAL FORM) YOU SUCK”. Lovely, right? Or on occasion when you lose you might get: “FUDGE(you know what I mean) YOU GUYS ARE TERRIBLE”. Also wonderful. So, what now? Where do you go from here? For me, it depends on what’s said. My typical response is somewhere along the lines of , “Wow, I wish I were as cool as you!”, however, if the person is being slightly more offensive I definitely have a few verbal attacks up my sleeve for retaliation. Should I go there? Probably not, but I have what you call ‘verbal diarrhea’ meaning sometimes the words come out, and I have no control. Once it’s said, it’s too late. Let the trash talk fest begin. But, I also make sure I don’t let myself get out of hand with it. In the end I laugh it off, and have even made a few friends out of a little Xbox bickering.

But, what happens when people take it too far? And what’s considered pushing the limits? One of my first experiences on Xbox live was via Halo 2 on Big Team Battle. We completely slaughtered the opposing team, and I was feeling rather good about myself. We get into the after game lobby where you can check stats and then proceed to back out, and as I’m checking my killer K/D  ratio I hear, “FUDGE YOU!”. So, without looking at which mic was lighting up in the lobby I casually switch my speak to ‘on’ and I say, “Hey, chill out… it’s just a game, can’t win ’em all”. Yeah, wrong thing to say. “WHAT’D YOU SAY? I TAKE MY SH-T SERIOUSLY. I WILL BEAT THE SH-T OUT OF YOU.” Obviously, the thought of an internet threat involving physical violence made me chuckle, which also did not help matters, and I added, “Calm down little man, no need to have an anxiety attack over halo!” Again, worse. “WHAT’S YOUR FUDGING ADDRESS? HUH? GIVE ME IT, I’M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE AND MURDERING YOU. YOU HEAR ME? I’M GONNA SLIT YOUR THROAT!”. At this point, I was thinking ‘woah, psycho!’. I had no idea they had Xbox in insane asylums? Regardless, I laughed it off and left the lobby.

So, I start a new game. A few moments pass and I receive a message, and ignore it. I don’t usually check messages in the middle of a game. After the game is done, I go to check my messages and come to find out I have about ten of them from the SAME guy. All far too obscene to even mention on here. Basically, more threats including physical and sexual harm, more angry requests for my home address, and the last message was of him screaming so loud I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Now, as I said, trash talk is common but life threats? I think when it gets to the point where you’re literally overcome with the desire to drive cross-country to murder a fellow gamer, you might want to consider taking a break from whatever game you’re playing and maybe go pay your personal physician a visit for some “happy pills”. The more I played on Xbox live, the more I realized this guy wasn’t alone. I encountered countless others who resorted to absolutely disgusting threats just because they can’t handle a little friendly competition, or even worse, losing.

So, what is it that drives these people to that point? I can’t say, because in my experience I have yet to get THAT angry. I don’t usually put much thought into it, and I typically assume the person is having a completely horrible day, or they’re just plain out of their minds and have some serious temper issues. Either way, out of all the online gaming communities I’ve been apart of Xbox live has to be the angriest, and most disturbed I’ve experienced.

In the end there will always be lunatics no matter where you are in life. Nevertheless, they seem to especially enjoy Xbox! So, who else has experienced similar incidents? If you play Xbox, I’m willing to bet you have! Share your encounter with the third kind in the comments below! Let us know what you think on this matter!


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