Lionhead Studios Making MMO / single-player hybrid for next Xbox


Lionhead is making a MMO/role-playing game for the next Xbox, a job advertisement suggests.

It has a four player co-op, single-player and multiplayer elements, according to an ad on LinkedIn.

“Opportunity to work on MMO like title for next generation consoles.  AAA game and budget!” the post reads.

“This is to assist in the development of a major brand new IP that is being targeted for the future generation of platforms and will be an RPG based game with a radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience, while blending online and single-player into one complete experience.”

Lionhead is looking for a mutiplayer level designer who has worked on 4 player co-op games.  The size of the development team is reported to be around 150+.

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