Although we are barely halfway through 2012, the year has already seen the release of many successful video game titles that have been praised by gamers and critics alike. As ever, premium franchise game titles continue to dominate the market.

Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the recent release of Diablo 3 (PC). The definitive “hack and slash” RPG has been years in development and the latest installment continues the popular series with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Max Payne 3 (Xbox) is another long-awaited sequel to a popular series. Now developed by Rockstar, the latest installment picks up the hard-boiled story of the protagonist with action and the unique slow-motion gameplay that fans have come to expect of the series.

The Wii has also been enjoying success with the latest Spyro game. The game offers a unique feature whereby players can buy toy characters and use them in the game. The toys are placed on a small platform that is plugged into the console and the game brings them to life. The title has been popular with younger gamers who are eager to buy all of the toys and play them on the console.

Although these premium titles have all been successful, one unexpected breakout hit of the year was a revamp of games that are several years old. Konami have followed up the success of Metal Gear Solid HD with Silent Hill HD collection.

The Silent Hill games are praised by gamers for their innovation to the horror-survival genre. Although the series has had new releases in recent years, fans could only play the original games if they owned an old PS2 or Xbox copy. However, the new release brings the original series to the next generation of consoles. Available for the Xbox 360 or PS3, the collection has revised Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 with HD graphics. The games look stunning and the creepy atmosphere has never been scarier.

The franchise proves its longevity and creativity. Although several years old, the original Silent Hill have yet to be bested by other horror-survival games and the depth of the storyline and innovative puzzles has seen gamers returning for more scares and shocks. Konami have proven that the original games were truly ground-breaking when they were first release and they still are today. Even when compared to modern premium titles.