My Top 3 Favorite Shooters of All Time

I love shooters, and it’s safe to say there are a lot of great shooters out there! However, everyone has preference including myself. Listed below are my top three favorite shooters of all time. I spent hours upon hours playing these games relentlessly. These are the three games that kept me in wide-eyed-zombie-mode all night long!

Let’s start with my third favorite..

GoldenEye 007  for the N64

GoldenEye 007 is easily in my opinion one of the best shooters ever. It was so insanely fun to play split screen against a friend or sibling for hours on end roaming the maps and shooting the crap out of someone with a pistol. I have very fond memories of this game, and some might even be disappointed that I didn’t put this as my number one. I’ll explain my other two choices, though! Regardless, this game will forever be one of my favorite shooters for countless reasons.


Moving on to number 2 on my list: Gears of War.



Some of you are thinking I’m crazy right now for putting this game above such a classic. My explanation is simple.. I’m much more enthused when there’s a mass amount of gore involved.. and that’s exactly what this game provided me with. The ability to curb stomp, and chainsaw opponents. The satisfaction of either of those two instances is overwhelming. It’s like being a kid and opening presents on Christmas day. The campaign was somewhat short, but altogether pretty decent. Multi-player wise I enjoyed the crap out of this game!


Now onto numero uno: Halo: Combat Evolved


I have to put this game as my number one favorite Shooter of all time for many reasons. The campaign is my absolute favorite shooter campaign EVER. I love the franchise in its entirety, but the original Halo will forever hold a special place in my heart. I played this on PC and went through the campaign more times than I can count. I loved the original multiplayer maps, and I adored the pistol. This game is what truly broke out my love for video games ten times over. I played this so much, I lost many hours of sleep, and I was perfectly happy. I love you Halo!


In the end, I love all three of these games with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. In other words, more than I love Red Lobsters cheese biscuits. Who can resist?