RAAM’s Shadow review(Spoilers)

After slacking a little bit on Gears, and trying to finish the ‘Impossible mission’ last minute, I finally managed to finish up RAAM’s Shadow. The campaign is roughly around 3 hours long, and I played on insane in arcade mode with a few mutators. The first few parts were quite easy, and playing as RAAM was definitely pretty cool.

The first few chapters are fun, but slightly uneventful and forgetful. You eventually run into a younger Jace(with a baseball bat) when you save him during a mission. Your next objective is to find Wiseman, which turns out to be quite the task, and you fight quite a few locust on the journey. Once you finally manage to find Wiseman, the streets are suddenly overcome with mass amounts of locust, and RAAM makes another appearance. In the heat of battle, RAAM picks up young Jace and prepares to execute him. Alicia Valera(the new character) turns on hero mode and knocks Jace out of his grasp. RAAM then picks up Alicia in place of Jace and executes her with his sword, tossing her on the ground. Of course, RAAM manages to escape(it’s not the end of the game yet) and Jace picks up Alicia’s Lancer and goes to battle with the Zeta team.

You go through a little more fighting, and then comes the boss battle. This is probably one of the longest boss battles on Gears. Basically you’re in front of a building with a thrashball court to the left, and a playground to the right. There are other buildings in the surrounding area, and RAAM shows up on his giant reaver. He comes down from the reaver and walks around using kryll grenades, and his kryll shield to attack you. Make sure if you’re doing this with more than 1 or 2 players that you spread out during this boss fight. There will be 3 different occasions on which an emergence hole will appear somewhere in the area, and if you’re spread out it’s easier to call them out, not to mention the further you are away from RAAM the less chance you have of dying from his kryll. Trust me, they have quite a bit of range. Make sure to close the emergence holes as quickly as possible. You’ll know when RAAM is vulnerable, because your reticle will turn red, as it does with all enemies, while aiming down sights at him. You’ll probably down him a few times, which will give you some good points if you’re playing arcade.

Now comes the hard part. RAAM mounts himself on his reaver, and proceeds to go in circles above your head while other reavers do the same and occasionally land on the ground to attack. Make sure you have good cover for this, and again, spread out. Once you kill a few of the normal reavers RAAM will land on his, and you have to shoot the hell out of him, and the reaver. Eventually, it ends, the reaver comes crashing down with RAAM on it’s back in a giant explosion which causes a huge mess. Now time for the game ending cut scene.

After a few not so memorable words are spoken, Minh sees RAAM attempting to lift himself out of the rubble. He decides to try to take him on, and there’s a momentary intense battle, where no one is directly hurt and Minh is pushed away towards a helicopter where they make their exit. Jace is present on the helicopter and is told he’ll be “one hell” of a COG one day. Well, we already knew that!

A few of my favorite things about this campaign; The elite sawed off. Very fun to use! Playing as RAAM, or one of his locust campanions definitely made it more interesting. Being able to use the finger kryll attack, and kryll grenades on people I’d normally be fighting side by side with made me feel somewhat evil, but in a very satisfying way. The ending wasn’t as epic as I’d hoped, but all in all I’d say the DLC was worth the 1200 Microsoft points for any true Gears fan.

So, as I’m sure most of you have already finished this, what are your thoughts on the campaign, and how it ended? What did you like/dislike about the DLC? Let us know!


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