New Info On GTA V Leaked

Some new info has been leaked on Rockstar’s new game, GTA V, via a user on

None of this if official so take it with a grain of salt.

Grand theft auto v – will feature multiple characters from the old series combined with new protagonists thats a given

Unfortunetly rockstar couldn’t agree on a contract with a famous past voice
But then again they did bring back a few others

Grand theft auto v city – will indeed feature Los santos and surrounding areas
Now thanks to xbox we had to solve the issue with disks qouted by a member of the north team

Digital Download will allow you to expand on the other areas not included as of yet but you can sure bet your bottom filler that the city is big pushing discs / consoles to there max think red dead style except it’s more on a grand titanic scale –

We will bring together the poetry that has made gta and include a vast storyline that will keep you guessing and playing for months with the ever expanding open world changes that rockstar could bring even to offline play with an update / downloadable content think ala LA Noir

Grand theft auto v certain console exclusives – not this time round

The ability to create your own world with certain own mission creatives
Imagine you made the story yourself the ability to get a team together to create a bank hiest etc with cut scenes bring provided with the camera angels to suit rockstar have gave people the open world freedom like neverbefore

Grand theft auto v ” a never ending experience if you want it to be !

Testers have reported that while there’s a great epic story to follow you can litrally make this game your own they can’t express how anxious they are to have rockstar unleash this game

Think sims game play – not true this is more like think of every gangster flick being recreated through your own sense of what will happen next while you can create your own fun where you can ride the coast take it easy but you somehow don’t want to be a nice guy this game is epic with the thought of rockstar and the digital downloads / story lines to follow suit you can expect a new sand box style where it’s always changing growing this isn’t gta iv this is more like the grand theft auto to change all grand theft autos –

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