Hitman Absolution – Features Of New Engine, More Immersion And More

Hitman AbsolutionIn a recent interview with GameCentral,  game and art director on Hitman Absolution, Tore Blystad gave away some new information on the latest installment in the Hitman series, Hitman Absolution. Firstly he was asked about what took so long ,the new game engine and how much time had been spent on it, from this he said:

It has been a long time and we’ve spent a lot of time with the technology for the game, so it’s basically we made a lot of games on the old tech and it was getting really old and difficult to work with. And just kind of this big patchwork, so now we said we’re allowed to start from scratch. So now we can build a new Hitman game on a completely new technology and happily we’ve started doing that. But it’s been a really big task just getting that completely right and building all the parts to fit the character we wanted for the game. So it’s been on the way for a long time but it’s going to be worth it! a lot of the time. It’s been about finally getting the technology right and alongside building a very strong game and making the story and the set pieces…

He was also asked about how the new engine and how the game was made would effect the actual player playing the game, to this he replied:

They will hopefully feel more immersed into the game because it’s more naturally following a way… when we design it it’s with the same camera that the player uses in the game. So the experience of the game will be much stronger at any given time because all the systems that we have are listening to what the player is doing and they’re responding much faster and giving a more dramatic experience based on however the player chooses to play the game.

lastly when asked about multiplayer he kept extremely tight-lipped and gave away nothing, we don’t know if there is multiplayer or even if there isn’t but time will tell:

GC: Is there multiplayer at all? Can you say that?

TB: I can’t say anything.

GC: Can you say that there’s not multiplayer?

TB: I’m not allowed to use any grammar at all! (laughs)

GC: We’ll say your English broke down at that point.

TB: (laughs) Tell them I spoke in Norwegian!

Read The Full Interview Here

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