Gears of War 3: Stop taking my downs!

Gears of War 3, currently one of my favorite games to get down on. There’s just something about Big Rig Dizzy, and the way he looks holding that lancer and blasting away with the sawed off,(especially with the ‘Deadly Cute’ weapon skin acquired) that keeps me coming back for more. There are a lot of reasons I enjoy this game, but then there a few things that drive me absolutely insane.

So, it’s getting towards the end of the match. You, and one or two teammates versus one last enemy. You manage to find them before anyone else, and you put your all into downing them so you can do that super sick execution you’ve been waiting to do. Finally, after a moment or two of epic battle you manage to down them, and you get that jolt of excitement knowing their entire team is about to watch as you attempt to completely humiliate the poor sap on the ground, trying his hardest to slowly crawl away. Just as you’re holding down the ‘Y’ button, grinning like an idiot, something infuriating happens; You’re oh so lovely teammate pops out of nowhere, shoots the enemy, and ends the match.

At this point, you’re probably still in shock. For me, I’m fuming. Once you realize what’s just taken place, the urge to spew out every profanity you know of,(maybe even a few new ones, just for the hell of it) comes over you almost instantly. I myself tend to stay silent, because I know once I start, it’ll be hard to stop.

Now, say for instance two people are shooting the same enemy. You both put an equal amount of effort into downing them, in this case I’d say it’s okay for it to go either way. However, when you’re the only one trying your damnedest to down this sucker, I think it’s just common courtesy for your teammates to leave it be, and let you do your thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to having manners in the gaming community, these kinds of teammates are typically very rare.

So, if you’ve never played Gears, and you plan on doing so, prepare yourself for these sorts of incidents. It happens on a regular basis, so make sure you’re quick when attempting to get your own downs. Because more than likely one of your not-so-awesome teammates is lurking nearby, waiting to swoop in and steal your kill. For those of you reading this who understand exactly what I’m talking about, what’s been your most memorable, yet infuriating Gears experience? Let us know!


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