Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising review

Now, having had the Fenix Rising DLC for a fair amount of time at this point, and also having played all the maps I figured I’d put in my two cents.

First of all, I didn’t have the DLC the day it came out. I was about two days late, and while playing without the DLC the servers were absolutely horrible. Every single game I played was so laggy it became infuriating. A friend of mine then informed me that people who purchased the DLC were playing on ‘dedicated servers’ and those hadn’t purchased it day of, were playing on lag infested crap servers. So, what was the point in playing?

Basically, Epic forced me to buy the DLC by simply making the game virtually unplayable without it. I wasn’t too happy about that! Regardless, I downloaded the content and was fairly pleased with the maps. The characters are so-so. My favorite map would definitely have to be Academy, however the maps are at this point in ‘rotation’ with the older maps so it’s hard to come across them when you first jump into a game, especially in quick matches.

Learning new maps is somewhat fun, and brings a little more excitement to the game. I have not yet reached level 100 the first time around, so I can’t really say much about ‘re-uping’, but I’ve seen the skin you acquire doing so, and it’s pretty sweet! I was told when you re-up that you lose all XP it’s exactly as though you’re starting over again, which I guess is the point. The skins you can get doing a re-up are otherwise unobtainable, so I guess along with the maps and characters, that makes the DLC worth the 800 Microsoft points. (which is also a reasonable price as opposed to most DLC’s available on games these days!)

All in all the Fenix Rising DLC is worth the 800 points, and in my opinion better than the Horde Command Pack and more disappointing than RAAM’s Shadow. But you just can’t out-do a 3 hour campaign DLC!

What are everyone else’s thoughts on the DLC? Worth it?