Gears of War 3: ‘Fenix Rising’ DLC Available Today

The day is finally here for the third installment of downloadable content on Gears of War 3 called ‘Fenix Rising’. The ability to “re-up” is now an available option for those who have hit level 100, or for those who plan to.  Doing this will unlock a new skin otherwise unobtainable any other way. The DLC itself will cost 800 Microsoft points, (Ten dollars) but people who have the season pass can download it right away.

Sadly enough I myself cannot get the DLC as of today,(refer to my previous article about how gaming drains my wallet) so today is an indeed a depressing day for myself, and for any other Gears fan who’s in the same boat! *Tear*

To those of you lucky enough to have it, please enjoy! I’ll be with you soon enough!