Gears of War 3: Favorites

Gears of War 3 is definitely one of my favorite games at the moment. It’s multiplayer is definitely, in my opinion, the most enjoyable on Xbox right now.

While playing quite a bit these past few months I’ve grown accustom to using certain weapons,characters, and weapon skins while playing. Also, depending on what’s best to use for what map. Believe it or not, it makes a difference. I think that goes for any game! Now, I can’t say what’s best to use weapon-wise  because I’ve spoken with many gears fans and their setups all differ, and in the end it mainly comes down to preference.

Let’s starts with my favorite Characters to use during multiplayer. Being that I’m female, when I first got the game I felt obligated to play as female characters. So, I chose Anya, and Queen Myrrah. Eventually they became pretty bland to me, and they weren’t even really my favorite characters in story-mode. So, I decided to change it up a bit and disregard sex this time. I looked through my characters and decided to try out the Onyx Guard, I kept Myrrah. The Onyx Guard looked especially cool using the “Team Pulse” weapon skin. Eventually, he too, got old for me. And Myrrah was starting to get rather unappealing, too. So, after finally completing Beast Mode on insane without failing with a group of willing participants, I unlocked the Savage Theron character. Obviously, I switched him out with Myrrah. With the change-up of Myrrah I decided to change my COG character as well and found out that the Big Rig version of Dizzy was surprisingly satisfying to use. Especially with my Rainbow skin on my rifle, and my Deadly Cute skin on my shotgun. I’ve been using these two ever since!

Now, let’s talk about weapon setups. Typically I use the lancer as my rifle on larger maps. It’s steady, has a good fire rate, and is easier to shoot from a distance. For smaller maps I whip out the Retro-lancer. It has a lot of kick to it, but if you can manage to aim steady enough to shoot them even a little, you’ll get a down. It’s a good defense against the gnasher in close range battle. Shotgun wise I switch from the gnasher to sawed off depending on my mood. If I feel like I’m getting beasted on too badly, I’ll go with the sawed off.

Weapon skin wise I usually stick with the rainbow, and deadly cute. However, I’m also fond of crimson omen, team pulse, the ghost protocol unlocked after doing ‘The Impossible Mission’, haze, and tiger. More recently I’ve especially been jealous of people who rock the imulsion weapon skin. It looks pretty sick!

In the end I have  A LOT of favorites on this game, and the options, and new DLC’s make it that much more enjoyable. So, Gears fans what are your favorites on the game? Let us know!



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