Gears of War 3 new DLC

A new DLC has been announced for Gears of War 3 set to release on January 17 of the new year. The DLC called “Fenix Rising” includes 5 new multiplayer maps, and four new Character skins. Gear Recruit Clayton, Thrashball Cole, Savage Marauder, and limited edition Savage Kantus are included. The map names are as follows; The Slab, Depths, Escalation, Academy, and Anvil.

In addition to the maps, and character skins players will also have the ability to “Re-up” after they’ve reached the max level. Meaning they’ll be able to start anew and obtain otherwise unavailable weapon skins, and emblems in the process. The weapon skins will be; Re-up Omen, Re-up Plasma, and Re-up Lightning. These are basically enhanced versions of skins already available on the game.

The DLC will be 800 microsoft points, and it will be the third installment of downloadable content available for Gears of War 3.( Excluding the free booster pack given on Thanksgiving day containing the maps from it’s first DLC the Horde Command Pack. )

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