Favorite Video Game Characters!

I’ve played a lot of games in my time, and witnessed some pretty amazing story lines in the process. But what makes them extra special? The characters of course!

Main characters, sidekicks, villains.. They all play a part in making a good story mode. For instance one of my favorite game franchises of all time; Halo. What would it be like without Master Chief, The Arbiter, and Cortana? Halo:Reach was a decent game, and it was cool to play a prequel, but I REALLY missed playing as the Chief! Waiting for Halo 4 is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. It’s agonizing, and it’s driving me nuts!

Another of my favorite franchises? Gears of War. What makes gears even better? Marcus Fenix! Not to mention Dom Santiago,(God rest his non existent soul) Coletrain, and my new found love for the Zeta Team members. I was actually heart-broken when Dom went out COG- kamikaze style. I actually FELT for two fictional characters. Dom, who was miserable without his wife Maria and kids, and Marcus who lost his best friend, and then his father.(For the second time) He had to watch him turn into ashes for godsake!

The Zelda games! Easily one of the most enjoyable and hard to stay away from game series of all time. What would it be like without Link, and Princess Zelda? Video Games characters can easily make or break a game. If you have an amazing story line with a not so interesting or memorable character, it can put a real damper on the entire game itself.

It’s important to really get into the role of who you’re playing, and in order to do that certain character attributes need to be present. So, what is it that makes a great character exactly? Being unique of course! Who would of thought a chubby italian guy with a mustache could save a pretty blonde princess from a mass amount of uni-brow ridden mushrooms, colorful turtles, and the ultimate villain himself, Koopa! Mario looks like he should be unclogging someones toilet, or making a pizza. Yet he’s easily one of the most lovable video game characters of all time! Why? Because he just isn’t the typical hero!

When it comes to video game characters it’s hard to choose my favorite because there’s so many to love! And they’re all so unique, and awesome in different ways. So, what makes or breaks a great character in your opinion, and if you can manage to name a few, who are your favorite characters of all time? Let us know!



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