CryEngine 3: How Halo 4 Would Look like

A DICE artist presently operating on Battlefield three has thrown with each other a mockup from the interior of a Halo ship using CryEngine 3.

There’s a snowball’s opportunity in hell that the Halo franchise will ever uncover a property on the a lot a lot more powerful engine, but this mockup offers us a superb notion of what it could appear like. Need to the next Halo game appear on the next-generation Xbox, this really is almost certainly how it’d appear.

Needless to say, Halo 4 is going to become a single gorgeous searching game as it is-in spite of its lack of hyperrealistic graphics. The art direction alone sells it for me, and there’s no reason to assume 343 Industries won’t do the identical together with the forthcoming sequels no matter the technological capabilities of next-gen hardware. If anything, we’ll see a marriage of realistic graphics using the art direction that the Halo series has extended been recognized for.


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