What Could The “Massive” VGA 2011 PS3 Reveal Be?

Recently, there was a rumor that there was to be a giant reveal for a new PS3 exclusive at the Spike Video Game Awards, but now it seems that it has gone from a debatable rumor into front page news.  It all began with a blurry picture taken of an advertisement for the VGA’s in Times Square, teasing a ”PS3 exclusive you won’t believe.” Many were skeptical about the validity of the picture since the fuzziness of it made it almost impossible to read, but it was later confirmed by Geoff Keighley, host of the 2011 VGA’s. Soon after that,  the Paul Gale Network also stated that there will be something great for everyone at the Video Game Awards, but that in his personal opinion, “PS3 owners will get the most out of it.” He also goes on to say that there will be something for everyone, all the way from MGS Rising to Bioware’s new title, as well as the “very high profile” PlayStation 3 game. Okay now even after all that, if you are still not completely convinced about the excitement surrounding the PS3 reveal, even SCEE’s Jim Ryan says that there are some amazing things happening for PS3 at the back end of the year that will be announced soon. He says he is very excited about all that as well as the future of the PS3.

There, now that everyone is thoroughly hyped about this announcement for the upcoming Playstation exclusive, it’s time to discuss the possibilities of what it could be. Many are speculating that it has to be either Sony Smash Bros., Metal Gear Solid 5, or God of War IV. Now keep in mind that all of these have been somewhat unofficially “announced” already, so it could be a reveal of an entirely new Playstation franchise, or a revival of an old franchise (Crash Bandicoot 8 anyone?). Now, Hideo Kojima will be there to discuss Metal Gear Solid Rising so it is possibility that he could reveal more about MGS 5, or even announce the new IP he had been working on that will utilize the gorgeous Fox Engine.

The announcement could also be for the rumored Sony Smash Bros. (tentatively named “Title Fight”) since it would be quite an “unbelievable” announcement and it would definitely be one of the Playstation’s most shocking and diverse exclusives to date. The Sony Smash Bros. would ruffle quite a few feathers though, possibly angering many Nintendo fans, but then again it would create the perfect amount of drama and excitement to propel the game around the net.

Whatever is in store for us at the Spike VGA’s it is sure to be massive and definitely get all Playstation 3 owners very, very excited. Tune into the Video Game Award’s on Spike TV, airing on December 10th.