David Jaffe Discusses His Thoughts on Rumored Sony Smash Bros. Game

By now, I’m sure many have heard about Sony’s equivalent to Nintendo’s popular Smash Bros. franchise, simply dubbed Sony Smash Bros. for the time being. There has been much speculation surrounding this game, most of it surrounding the validity of the brawler. Many have turned to David Jaffe on Twitter, pleading him to release information regarding the rumored game, and Jaffe seemed to take notice and replied:

“4 folks asking if I know anything about this rumored Sony brawler:news to me but if it is real, count me super jazzed! Been wanting a game like that for a while! I can tell you I know some of the folks over at Superbot and whatever they R making- I genuinely don’t have a clue- I am sure will be very cool cause they got some great talents over there!”


Superbot studios has been the rumored developer of Sony Smash Bros. and their senior level designer, Chris Molina, had tweeted some photos recently involving their new “project”. Since he tweeted those, his Twitter account has been deleted, raising more suspicion about Superbot’s involvement with the new game.
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