No Web Browsing During Playing the Game, PS VITA

New info regarding the PlayStation Vita has just come in and that is If you want to the
system’s OS of PlayStation Vita just press the PS button when you are playing any
game on PlayStation Vita and you will gain access to it. From there you can get your
hands on number of the things such as the system’s Twitter client, music collection that
you have and also the friend list. And when you are finished you can just go to back to
the play mode and start playing the game you were playing.

But there is one feature that you will not be able to use and that is web browsing
feature. According to the previous post of Impress Watch that stated that PS Vita web
browsing is possible if you pause the game but that was not the case and Sony quickly
contacted the website and corrected them that is not possible for now and you can’t do
the web browsing and gaming at the same time for now. You will have to exit the game
for using the web service but this problem will be resolved in subsequent months via an
update right after the PS Vita’s release.