TV vs Video Games

TV vs Video Games

Video games are fun, addicting and big!  When compared to TV, pretty much everyone thinks it’s a no brainer as no one really discusses how big TV is.  By big, I don’t mean screen size; I am talking about the industry. On the other side, TV is big, mind bogglingly big! You just won’t realize how huge it is. I mean, you may think that videogames are pretty big, especially if you like games, but that’s just like a kidney bean compared to TV.

Roughly videogames are worth around $60 billion a year, worldwide. Music and movies combined are approximately $90 billion. Overall, TV is worth $300 billion a year. Yes, you heard it right, $300 billion!  It’s about five times as big as videogames.  In your face, videogames!

But let’s admit it, TV sucks for most of us.  It gives no control; you simply just watch it while sitting on a couch.  Sooner Internet will destroy it. We will be streaming videos and listening to music directly through our iPads.

But in contrary, TV is not going anywhere for at least a long period of time.

TV is not a piece of technology but rather a cultural phenomenon which just works.  Press a button it happens, press the same button later, it stops happening.

Videogames however are an absolute technology.  They are buggy, have glitches and every now and then break.

Videogames glitch and break. They’re buggy, and if you’re playing anything more traditional than Angry Birds, they require some knowledge of formats and controllers

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