Nintendo Wii U Specifications outed

With Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 high power engines and specifications, when Nintendo
released its Nintendo Wii the 360 and PS3 fans laughed and down upon the Nintendo
Wii due to its low power processor. But with the Nintendo Wii U and its specifications all
out, will it this be the moment for Nintendo to make its mark and amaze the Xbox 360
and PS 3’s fan.

Most of you are familiar with the power of PlayStation 3, it has an 8 core Cell
BraodBand and a processor of 2.8 GHz , a memory space of 256MB and with the help
of Nvidia Corporation a Reality Synthesizer GPu that further boasts the memory.

While on the other hand the Xbox 360 includes a processor that runs at 3.2 GHz packed
with XCGPU along with triple core Xenon CPU with the help of IBM, it has 512 MB
space of memory. And both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s GPU run at a speed of
500MHz and 550MHz.

But the Wii U rumored to be 50% faster than the two gaming market giants. The
resources are stating that Wii U is integrated with quad Core and processing unit of
3GHz PowerPC-based 45nm which seems pretty much similar to that of Xbox 360 and
has a RAM of 768 MB almost 50% more than the Xbox 360, almost all the things about
Wii U seem similar to 360.

Nintendo says that the new console will be able to provide 1080p video output and with
full compatibility with 3D.