Halo 4: The Best Xbox Looking Game?

Now that Halo 4 is inside the hands of everybody and anybody who cares, it’s going to be fascinating to see how a varied pool of opinions feel in regards to the graphics from the game.

We’ve currently thrown down the gauntlet when we 1st beavered away through the campaign final week, but had been unable to talk regarding the game in detail because of the assessment embargo. A single factor that is definitely no doubt clear, regardless of any preferences, Halo 4 is a good hunting game with smooth animations, cool cut scenes, impressive lighting and of course a distinctive art style. However, before judgement is cast, let’s appear at several of the other graphical powerhouses for the Xbox console prior to we ask is Halo 4 the top searching game on Xbox and possibly on all consoles.

Is Halo 4 the most beneficial looking game in the bunch or are there items like artistic direction to think about as well. In terms of the general appear of the graphics, taking into consideration artistic design, Halo 4 has an edge even though it is close – quite a few gamers are probably to agree when they’ve played the game completely.

Crysis 2

Crytek had a good deal to prove with their second installment in the Computer rooted hi tech series and pulled off some big accomplishments using the Xbox version. To this day, Crysis 2 looks grand and is up there with all the greatest of them.

Battlefield 3

DICE managed to produce some outstanding graphical effects with their military based shooter Battlefield 3, raising the bar for the genre inside the procedure. Great textures and lighting supplied a great hunting campaign with some neat assortment thrown in.

Mass Effect 3

Bioware’s epic game supplies some great space age themed visuals that perform nicely to draw the player into the universe. The character models are of a high common, it has a excellent artistic flow, and proudly sits as one particular of your top rated lookers on consoles.

The Witcher 2

CD Projekt’s revamped and enhanced edition game worked well on Xbox, offering some spectacular visuals via its encapsulating lands, and then these brothels and breasts! An incredible searching game all round.

Gears of War 3

Almost certainly the benchmark series for graphics on Xbox and one which has stood the test of time. With no new game till subsequent year, Gears of War 3 is still the showcase game for Epic’s Unreal Engine engineering. Simply a gorgeous game in its personal right.


Regardless of any gameplay grievances with Id’s RAGE, the game pushed some impressive frames per second when playing, by utilizing some cool texture mapping tricks which produced the game only ooze graphical fidelity. It’s undoubtedly a looker and one particular in the ideal.

Source: Cramgaming.com

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