Halo 4: Master Chief waking up

Halo 4‘s release date just got a bit harder to wait for. A new trailer has just been released, featuring some intense gameplay from the single-player campaign.

The initial half on the trailer shows the very first mission, with Master Chief waking up on his ship Forward Unto Dawn and battling Coveanat troops which have been boarding the vessel. Typical Halo gameplay, but cinematic and polished. The segment involving climbing pipes even though dodging debris looks entertaining.

The second half shows gameplay on Requiem, where thing get lots much more fascinating. Promethean enemies are shown entering the battlefield in drop pods, and new weapons like Promethean rifle are shown. Assassinations takedowns from Halo: Reach have returned, enabling Chief to pull off some brutal finishers that would make Kratos proud. Autos like the ghost are also featured.

Halo 4 releases worldwide on November six for the Xbox 360. onlysp.com

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