CoD Black Ops 2: on Wii U

So let’s recap. What we know of your Wii U spec strongly suggests that the new Nintendo machine should be anything along the lines of an enhanced Xbox 360. We’ve a tri-core IBM CPU, an enhanced, far more present day AMD Radeon graphics core, twice as substantially RAM obtainable to developers and we even see a considerable increase in the volume of fast eDRAM directly attached to the GPU.

You will find trade-offs in any console design, but the crucial components recommend that 360 ports ought to transition across to the new hardware pretty conveniently. Sad to say, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 proves that the situation is just not very so straightforward.

According to a visual evaluation at the least, it seems clear that developer Treyarch thought its finest bet in bringing Black Ops two towards the Wii U was to transplant its existing Xbox 360 operate lock, stock and barrel across for the new hardware. In placing with each other our usual comparison movies and galleries, what struck us was the degree of parity involving the 360 and Wii U games – apart from gamma troubles, we’re primarily looking at specifically the exact same presentation.

All of this implies that the new version gets precisely the same 880×720 native resolution, with all the very same sharp upscaling filter employed around the Xbox 360 release. There’s even 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) – the initial time we’ve noticed hardware AA deployed in-game on a Wii U title (admittedly, it is early days there).

To illustrate how close it can be, and how the Wii U version of Black Ops two sits inside the hierarchy of releases readily available, we’ve put together an exhaustive series of comparison movies. Right here you will see Black Ops two on Wii U compared with Xbox 360, PS3 and Computer versions. We also have our initially quad format comparison gallery for you personally to pore more than.

Our Computer and Xbox 360 assets are according to our work on the current Black Ops two Face-Off, but as Treyarch has released a patch to remove some of the excessive blurring from the PlayStation three game, we went back and recaptured that as a way to give the most up-to-date comparisons (the original Face-Off has been updated too with all the most current video).

Fairly considerably almost everything we mentioned concerning the image high-quality on Xbox 360 inside the original Face-Off applies right here with the Wii U version – it really is a remarkably close conversion, from a visual point of view at the least. Even though the Pc game delivers the benchmark, Treyarch’s upscaling algorithms function just also because they do on Xbox 360, providing a very good, clean presentation – pretty exceptional bearing in mind just how in depth the horizontal upscale truly is. Regardless of the removal on the further blurring added in the 1.02 patch, both Wii U and 360 are nonetheless a class aside from the far more compromised PlayStation 3 version. One particular minor distinction issues v-sync – the Wii U version has no tearing whatsoever, though the PS3 and 360 games occasionally tear ideal at the prime from the screen (this is basically unnoticeable during gameplay though).


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