Call of Duty: The Only Game That Could Dethrone COD

Call of Duty has been a super energy within the gaming market for quite a few years. This game has broken numerous different records and has kept players interested for so many years. Players happen to be addicted to this game for its fast-paced multiplayer, thrilling storyline, and addictive zombie/ spec ops modes.

The month of November is now renowned for the reason of being the annual release of a game in the Call of Duty series. This game is one of the largest out there and despite the fact that quite a few games have attempted to surpass its greatness, no other game has been able to take away its glory. As time progresses it has grow to be clear that there is 1 game on the market that has the possible to de-crown COD, rip it from its never ever ending glory and shrink that large fan base.

A great number of games have tried to go the distance but have failed to impress as quite a few gamers and Call of Duty has. Even with an alternating development team, fans find it in their hearts to enjoy the game every single and each and every year it comes out. Absolutely everyone had a distinct reason to love Call of Duty. There is certainly that 1 game around which has constantly had the possible to totally take away that brilliance by killing off interest in the game to a vast majority of its big fan base.

The argument of Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3 against Call of Duty has been a massive debate among gamers. The release of both of EA’s hottest military first-person shooters have previous inside the past handful of year and nonetheless Call of Duty sits high on its throne soaking up the fame and funds of players about the globe. Both of those games have been significant games and they grew a decent quantity of fans, especially Battlefield three, and however Call of Duty remained untouched and unfazed by such a sizable games effect.

If we’ve mentioned that there is a game that could take Call of Duty’s glory away and it is not the two other biggest military first-person shooters on the market then what exactly is it? Effectively, it is Call of Duty itself. Though the series has seen its quite high points, players are getting tired of playing such a similar game that releases each year. The game is addictive and players will play it but just after time it just loses interest that will slowly force folks to move onto diverse games. Call of Duty hardly adjustments throughout the years and it nevertheless can be a excellent game; it is just not going to continue to hold a big interest within a vast gaming population for much longer.


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