Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Not Battlefield 4

Congratulations. You simply destroyed a super-weapon and saved not only the United states of America, but fairly possibly the planet. You’re ready to retire and loosen up after a strenuous mission about the globe to quit the Russians. Sadly, prior to you are able to even celebrate, you’re informed the Russians haven’t offered up. Yes, gentlemen, your crew is needed in Alaska.

Battlefield: Poor Business two ended on a cliffhanger. Years later, I nonetheless keep in mind the ending and to this day I wish to see what happens next. Battlefield 3 was announced and positive, I was excited, but I wanted a lot more Negative Corporation. Battlefield three didn’t disappoint me with it’s multiplayer, but wow was that campaign terrible.

The single player portion of Battlefield three had a few shiny moments of awesome. Even so, the rest of it left quite a bit to be preferred. The linear approach forced players into dramatic sequences, and typically times led to an aggravating quick-time occasion. In contrast to the Poor Business series, Battlefield 3 became just another corridor shooter.

1. Much less linear, open places

This really is pretty quickly the greatest a part of the equation. If there was one particular factor Battlefield four ought to take from the Undesirable Organization sub-series it is the open, epic places. Undesirable Business two felt far more realistic simply because you could program your point of attack from several directions. It had extra scripted events than Negative Company 1, sure, but it was a lovely mix of your two that could inform an intriguing story with scripting and still provide you with freedom.

Battlefield four desires to ditch the “let’s compete with Contact of Duty (note: I’m not saying one particular is far better than the other…)” attitude and go back to its roots, so to speak. The very first few Battlefield games didn’t have a story. Poor Enterprise started this trend for consoles, and had terrific achievement with it. Battlefield three was a major step back, and Undesirable Business three will be their chance to recover.

two. Story

Undesirable Enterprise 2 had a memorable story for numerous causes. The Russians created a mega-powerful-ultra-super-weapon (MPUSW for brief) and was going to use it against the US-of-A. Anytime the USA is below attack, it’s compelling to us America (unless you inform a bland story like Homefront…but that is neither right here nor there). You also can’t deny the chemistry among the four-man squad. The comic banter prior to the four of them at any given time was always enjoyable.

To be fully truthful, I do not recall a single point concerning the campaign in Battlefield 3. I only bear in mind it kept bouncing about among people today and places, a great deal like one more shooter series. The swift time events broke the pacing on the game to me. I only played as far as I did (which was about 4/5 from the way by way of) mainly because I was reviewing it. It was not broken like Medal of Honor was, however it surely didn’t have anything of worth to give players.


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