New Army Of Two game to be dubbed Army of Four?

Rumors are floating around suggesting that the next entry in the Army of Two franchise is already in development, and is going to be named Army of Four. The news comes from an alleged EA insider who has leaked the info to Kotaku. Army of Four is supposedly being developed by EA’s Montreal studio, and will also feature four-player co-op, as suggested by the title. Another interesting bit of information is that it is currently being built using DICE’s massively popular Frostbite 2 engine, so I’m assuming the game will have gorgeous graphics as well as heavily destructible environments. Sadly, according to rumors, the development process has been a bit bumpy, although it is expected to recover now that Battlefield 3 has been launched, and some of DICE’s team might even be transferred to Montreal studios to help with the struggling development process. Now all of this information is pure rumor and speculation and has not yet been confirmed by Electronic Arts, and while most of it seems to be very plausible, the title “Army of Four” could still be tentative and is subject to change.