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Angry Birds Star Wars Free Download Full Version For PC and Mac.  Angry Birds is probably one of the most famous and popular games today. As a matter of fact, there are more than a billion of downloads of this game all over the world. Now, a new edition of Angry Birds will be unleashed on universe. Angry Birds Star Wars will be featuring the famous pigs and birds taking in personalities of the characters from Star Wars. People will definitely enjoy playing this game because6hey will see the birds on a galaxy far away. This video game will be out this November 8, 2012.

The players will definitely enjoy the classic game’s mechanics as the birds will battle the evil side of forces on settings that are featured similar on the film itself. It is a fact that Angry Birds is the most successful game on iPad history. The Angry Birds Star Wars will be a big hit because it includes a Star Wars approach that people will love. Instead of the pigs and birds engaging on a war of abrasion, the this video game will feature bird like reiterations of the iconic characters on Star Wars like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Ben Kenobi. They will pit against the pig versions of Star Wars villains namely Darth Vader and the evil Sith Lord.

The people will enjoy this one of a kind game because people will see the birds transforming to their favorite characters on Star Wars. A good example is that the famous red bird would be based in Luke Skywalker wherein he was flying with an X-Wing. This innovative video game is said to be released on Android, IOS, Windows phone, PC platforms and Kindle Fire. Angry Birds Star Wars will feature the recreations of Star Wars iconic places or locations including desert world of Tatooine wherein Luke Skywalker has been raised as well as Hoth the ice planet that was featured on movie The Empire Strikes Back. It is also being said that this game will be the biggest entertainment game that will be launched this year.

There are so many people who are looking forward on the launch of this kind of game. Angry Birds Star Wars will be the best Angry Birds game ever. Prior to the release of this game, there will also be toys, shorts, shirts and many more that will available on the market.

There are also trailers about this game that you can probably see. Rovio sees to it that they will keep the game spoilers at a minimum. Game makers promised that there will be 8 total trailers that are topped with 3 minute well animated short projected for the release closer to game’s launch date. There is also an original movie footage that will be out. Angry Birds indeed take the world by storm. This is a good game having a new approach. It has a great story and adventure. The Angry Birds Star Wars is also expected to be a huge hit after its release.

They are not Angry Birds dressed up as Star Wars character,” explained Lucasfilm’s president of licensing and consumer items marketing Paul Southern to USA Today. “They are characters in their very own right.”

Rovio disclosed in May that the Angry Birds series, which debuted on the iPhone in 2009 has actually now viewed just about 650m downloads of its several incarnations. The Angry Birds Space version, released in February sold 100m downloads in simply 76 days, while a brand-new spin-off Angry Birds Star Wars, took merely three hrs to top the US iTunes chart when it was released in September.

And the game, which is striking iOS, Android and PC platforms on 8 November, is only part of this lucrative offer. Bringing Hasbro into the formula, Rovio is also set up to reveal a range of branded toys and add-ons consisting of an Angry Birds Star Wars version of Jenga with a retractable Death Star and an assortment of luxurious figures, which look charmingly (at low costs?) handmade.

“This is the best Angry Birds game we have actually ever before done. It’s the best parts of Angry Birds with all brand-new cutting-edge gameplay established in a galaxy much, much away,” main advertising officer of Rovio Peter Vesterbacka pointed out in a press launch.

“Angry Birds” is commonly thought about a mobile video gaming phenomenon. The gameplay is physics-based, where participants shoots birds from a sling-shot to destroy structures and take down green porkers. As the game progresses, the designeds come to be much more complex.

When it comes to the gameplay, Rovio will definitely by using a few of the gravity physics checked out in Angry Birds Space to their new Star Wars spin-off. The levels will certainly be themed around well-known scenes from the films, including Luke’s residence planet Tatooine and the ice planet Hoth. Even the game’s music will mirror that of the Star Wars films

In addition to the Angry Birds Star Wars game which will be released on iOS, Android and PC, according to The Verge the collaboration with Hasbro will result in a bunch of merchandise, plus toys, costumes and more, here are the highlights:

• Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga Deah Star game
• Star Wars Angry Birds At-At Attack Battle game
• Star Wars Early Angry Birds figurine pack
• Star Wars Angry Birds plush toy line (basically, Angry Birds dressed up as Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2)
• Star Wars Angry Birds costumes (foam tunics shaped like Angry Birds in Star Wars gear)



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