Adventurer: Uncharted rip-off FPS looks stunning

A new game named ‘Adventurer’ created by a polish studio The farm51 looks fairly incredible, but the catch right here is the fact that it looks a wee bit similar to Uncharted. The superior factor is the fact that there’s a gameplay video from the entire factor, so you may examine it out for oneself.

Not significantly facts are identified about it, nevertheless it will likely be released on the Xbox 360 and Computer sometime next year unless Sony has a thing to do about it.

“Adventure shooter in first-person viewpoint makes it possible for players to feel like treasure hunters and adventurers. The mixture of dynamic gunfights, engaging storyline, ingenious traps and mechanisms assure an unforgettable expertise of a native of Indiana Jones films,” reads the game description on their web site.

The primary attributes with the game

A one of a kind blend of classical cinema atmosphere of adventure-person shooter action game.
The game combines action and exploration – shootings, automobile chases, puzzles.
Avoid the guards left behind by the ancient treasures with the traps and use them to fight the enemies.
Going to exotic locations, including Egypt, the Arctic and ancient Mayan cities.
Puzzles and mysteries, in which we use to solve the treasure hunter gear – unusual compass, notebook, treasure map, a flashlight, and even dynamite.
Total story twists, international conspiracy, espionage, and organizations searching for strong artifacts.
A effective arsenal of weapons of the era, from the guns on the Panzerfaust.
The improvement of weapons and upgrade abilities from the hero.
The fascinating world with the 30s the last century – architecture, music, clothing, vehicles and weapons straight from the most beneficial Hollywood films rogue.
Multiplayer mode Treasure Hunt, in which the outside weapon you may use traps to eliminate enemies.

Here’s a 30 minute off-screen video as well:


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