The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead The Game

The walking dead is primarily referred to as a video game that is episodic.  It is based on a comic book series by the name “the walking dead”.  It is designed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Mac OS X.  The game’s development is attributed to the Telltale games.  The game was initially set to be released in the last months of 2011.  However, the release was delayed until early this year.

It is set to consist of five episodes.  The first episode was released earlier last week on 25th April 2012.  It can be played across all platforms with an exception of iOS version.  The game features both action and adventure.  This goes a long way to show that it is one that is worth your consideration.  With this game, gaming is expected to a notch higher as it presents the players with an amazing and thrilling experience from score one to the last.