Skyrim PC Fan Integrates Kinect Into Gameplay

Well the amazin nerds of the gaming world have done it again. A Skyrim PC user has created a software that allows him to use Kinect motion controls and voice options to (mostly) successfully play Skyrim. Many things have been thought of and well implemented including menu navigation, as well quick weapon switching.

While it probably is easier to play using a keyboard or controller, it’s very difficult not to admit that the Kinect controls look very fun. The maker of the video, KinectFAAST, also has many other videos for other games where he has integrated Kinect controls as well, but by far Skyrim seems to be one of the best. Not only was it a massive game to begin with, with tons of fun to be had, now we have seen the possibility of how Kinect could possibly change gaming by completely immersing you within the gaming realm.