Rainbow 6: Patriots Going For Shock Factor?

There have been 2 Rainbow 6: Patriots trailers and both seem to be going for utter and complete shock factor, forget Modern Warfare 2’s No Russian or Modern Warfare 3’s Exploding Family, Rainbow 6 seems to have already beaten it.

The first trailer for Rainbow 6: Patriots was a fully fledged gameplay trailer (or what it should look like) which depicts a male character that “Cashed In On Foreclosures”  and his family being threatened, eventually the male character is forced into a bomb suit and has to keep his hand on the bomb switch or else his family dies. By the end of the trailer we have already had some deaths and eventually the male character has to be thrown of a bridge, to save the public. Now when I first saw this trailer I really saw what Patriots was trying to achieve , the game is trying to achieve some serious realism.


The Second trailer seems to be even worse (im my opinion). In the second trailer we are shown a very important business man who is victim of the “True Patriots” and has bombs strapped onto him, soon after that he is thrown out of the extremely high building and the bomb is detonated just as soon as he hits the ground, blowing up a street full of vehicles and pedestrians.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Rainbow 6: Patriots and even look forward to when we can have more information on the game.

So what do you think about Rainbow 6: Patriots, and do you think they are going for the shock factor.


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  2. Kevin Mercado