Killzone: Shadow Fall (Demo)

On February 20, 2013, Sony unveiled their newest home console, the PlayStation 4. The reveal featured much information about the specs of the console, as well as information related to titles that will be available at launch. One of the launch titles shown for the system is the next iteration in the well known Killzone franchise, titled Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Killzone line has been strong on other Sony platforms, but with this new sequel, the series may find itself going to new heights and capturing even more fans when it finally reaches the market.

The demo takes place in Vekta City in the year 2381, which is a stark contrast from the usual ruined settings of the previous Killzone games. After being given a short fly over the city, you land and are escorted through the entrance of the city’s citadel. Things go from a peaceful atmosphere to a state of panic as the city is attacked by the Helghast, the enemies of the Killzone universe. A Helghast attempts to kill you, but you take him out and make your way through the chaos, killing other enemies along the way.

The demo shows off the graphical power of the PS4, featuring graphics that could be confused with CGI renders, when in fact everything in the demo is running in real time. The demo’s rendition of Vekta City appears endless, with a magnificent view that features close attention to detail on many aspects of the environment, including reflections on buildings, the depth of trees, and the flow of water, all of which can be seen within the first few minutes of the demo as you are flown over the city. Animation appears to be top notch as well, showing impressive movement by the player and non-playable characters, with impressive particle effects on explosions and fire.

The combat of the demo is standard Killzone fare, with first person weaponry and cover shooting. A unique point in the demo features your character hanging onto a flying vehicle by a rope while shooting at the enemies on the inside of the vehicle. This does an amazing job of showing off the scale of the game, as well as the physics of the game in play when enemies fall from the vehicle upon death. Given the amount of flying vehicles featured in the demo, it’s possible that this air combat could be featured more in later segments of the game.

Overall, the demo does a good job of presenting the game by really conveying the feeling of what many expect from the next generation of video game consoles. The visual detail is remarkable, especially given that the developers used only 4GB of the PS4’s memory without knowing that 8GB is available. The game runs in full 1080p, a feat that many console games of the past generation have been unable to achieve due to technical limitations and sacrificing resolution for higher frame rates. The strong features shown in the demo will make Killzone: Shadow Fall a force to be reckoned with when it launches along side the PS4.

Bringing In The Next Generation With The Killzone Shadow Fall Demo, Let’s check it out!