Killzone HD: Details Revealed

Michiel van der Leeuw recently took his time to answer some fan questions in regards towards the just-announced Killzone HD, that will be sold as part from the Killzone Trilogy.

The Technical Director of Guerilla Games revealed a number of additional details, such as the multiplayer and graphics functions. You are able to take a look at the initial screens with the remastered game, as well as shots from the two sequels, within the slideshow at the top rated of this article as well as the responses from Michiel van der Leeuw on the comments section of your European Playstation.Blog below:

Standalone release for Killzone HD:
View slideshow: Multiplayer, graphics and much more facts for Killzone HD

Killzone HD is on its own disc as component with the trilogy. It is also readily available on its own, but only from the PS Retailer.


We’ve updated Killzone 1’s controls to become far more in line with the rest in the series and to account for the truth that the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 are of improved excellent than the original PlayStation 2 controller.

Playstation Vita Remote Play function help:

Sadly not, sorry.


Killzone HD is operating in the similar specs as the other two in the trilogy. It runs 30 FPS at 720p native with out any frame drops.

Stereoscopic 3D help:

No, KZ1 HD will not support 3D, sorry.

Offline multiplayer along with the potential to earn trophies in the mode:

Killzone 1 HD will have offline multiplayer against bots.

Yes, there are Trophies for offline multiplayer against bots as well!

On-line multiplayer and audio upgrade:

However there isn’t any online multiplayer, but split-screen multiplayer modes are all there. The audio has been upgraded also. They’ve been re-compressed at greater quality from the original recordings.

Killzone HD is portion on the Killzone Trilogy, which will also incorporate Killzone two and Killzone 3. The collection will be released exclusively on the Playstation 3 in North America on October 23.


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