Jurassic Park Makes Its Way To Crysis

Modding is truly an amazing thing. With modders you can literally almost put anything into a game, even Dinosaurs… especially Dinosaurs.

A modder on the site moddb.com is working on implementing Dinosaurs into the amazingly great looking game, Crysis.

The description of the mod tells us what the mod is for and the story behind it:

Im proud to present you our new mod for Crysis: Return to Jurassic Park.
This mod will continue the story of Jurassic Park playing 18 years after the happenings of the first movie.
What happened?

After the incident in 2001, the UN decided to destroy both Islands,
Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

But Tim Murphy who is now manager of inGen wants to save them.
He knows that the animals on Isla Sorna made a natural population
without human intervention. Now he wants to prove that the
dinosaurs on Isla Nublar are still alive and aren’t any danger to human beings.

But there are other interests on this Island aswell…

We like the way the mod is sounding especially because it actually has a back story to it and wasn’t just made for the sake of it.

The modder has also released some screenshots and concepts .ect of the game which of course look great.

We aren’t sure why everyone seems to love Dinosaurs in every single form of game however we must admit that sometimes it is a pretty interesting feature, now if only DICE would give us Dino Mode on Battlefield 3.

View the mod here.

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