Halo Reach: Worst Halo Ever?

Halo 4 Game

Now before I begin, let me clarify that this is more an opinion piece than anything. With that said I think this is a widely shared opinion.  Let me start with the obvious.. The original Halo: Combat Evolved was a great first person shooter. The campaign was and still is one of my favorite campaigns I’ve ever played. When Halo 2 came out for the original xbox the multi-player had me hooked immediately. And when Halo 3 hit the shelves I was standing in line at the midnight release.

While I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with the third installment of the series, I still played on a regular basis. Then came ODST and Halo Wars both mediocre games in my opinion. It’s safe to say I expected Reach to be different, and was unsure whether or not that would be a good thing. At first the new feel and class options were somewhat fun. However,  after a while it got tiresome and old. I missed the BR, and the duel-wielding from Halo 2. I also have a major issue with most if not all of the player made maps you get thrown into. Some of them are so ridiculous it becomes infuriating not to mention the constant quitting out of fellow teammates (more so than any other game I’ve ever played) and the reoccurring timeout screen that follows and can last for up to ten minutes to the point where I get so mad I dashboard it. These are just a few of the issues I have with this game.

I have high hopes that Halo 4 will reignite my love for the Halo series, but at the same time I’m nervous to see what the outcome will be.

What are your thoughts on Halo: Reach and the upcoming release of Halo 4? Let us know in the comments below!


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