Halo 4: Will next gen graphics be that much better?

343 Industries released a Halo 4 launch trailer which can be comprised entirely working with in game assets rather than CGI or live action, but as is obviously noticed, the top quality of your Halo four graphics engine is of an incredibly high common even when compared to Halo Reach which can be only a handful of years old.

It is maybe not a shared opinion, but taking a look at the quality in the graphics within the trailer (we’re not allowed to talk about anything else we’ve noticed however as a result of Microsoft’s evaluation embargo) and comparing them to some Computer games running on mid level PCs, the differences aren’t huge.

It’s exciting to note that provided the enormous budget 343 has had that not all games, or the truth is pretty couple of are looking this good or are likely to as we move into new consoles anytime that may be. Halo four may possibly be the exception, even so, there’s a worry that come next gen, the cost of development is going to skyrocket specially if gamers expectations are to become met. If Halo 4 can appear this excellent on six year old technology, and however quite a few games fall short of reaching the same requirements; it raises the query as to no matter if next gen games are going to possess any sort of steep ramp up in looks. Confident, large spending budget exclusive games will no doubt make fantastic use of the additional power new consoles bring to the table, but what regarding the majority of games which as of now can’t evaluate?

Possibly subsequent gen will not necessarily be just about graphics and can mean developers can squeeze much more content into their games (by whatever techniques), but the very same challenge of costs could potentially hamper this when we think about the increasing development charges reaching beyond numerous millions. Will next gen graphics be improved? Most likely. But probably only for those developers who’ve the flexibility of a larger spending budget. It is also going to take some years ahead of developers get by far the most out of new hardware as we’re witnessing these days with launch games and releases six years later. Here’s the Halo 4 launch trailer created up of game engine assets.

Source: Cramgaming.com

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