Halo 4 Campaign Demo Tomorrow

Halo 4 Campaign Demo

Well, it’s finally here! The big exciting day all we gamer’s wait for. E3 airs tomorrow, and if you didn’t already know the first ten to fifteen minutes of the Microsoft conference will be starting big with the Halo 4 campaign demo. What more could we ask for?

343 Industries has worked tirelessly thus far to impress Halo fans with all kinds of extra goodies promised to those who pre-order which include special armor and weapon skins (sweet!)  and even other ‘special extras’ such as a weekly episodic Halo 4 mini-series which will be available upon the games release for download. This series is intended to get Halo players both online and offline into the feel of multiplayer and co-op.

We’ve already seen shaky video of game-play but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to finally see a clear depiction of what Halo 4 will be like. Make sure to tune in to E3 tomorrow, and if you’re a Halo fan such as myself you’ll need to be firmly planted on your rear in front of your TV(or whatever device you plan on watching it from) for the start of the Microsoft conference in order to get your much-needed Halo 4 fix.

Are excited for tomorrow? Of course you are, but let us know in the comments below!