Half-Life 3: Is Valve trolling yet again?

At this point in space and time, if anybody from Valve uttered the phrase “Half-Life three? the complete world-wide-web as we know it would implode upon itself and break the space time continuum, genuinely permitting 2012 to reside as much as the Mayan’s expectations.

Valve are identified for trolling their fans on a consistent basis, but only since they appreciate us so dearly.

They may very well be as much as it but once more, or this could be concrete evidence that Half-Life three does in reality exist.

UPDATE #2: The web site Black Aperture (right here) has been updated… having a 3. So, today’s a day for HL3!

The newest blog post on the Left 4 Dead weblog is our supply, using the post detailing the new Mann vs. Machine cooperative update to Team Fortress 2.

In the very finish with the post, they post a link for the official web page on the TF2 website.

Right now, Team Fortress 2 is adding co-op and robots to their game! There exists only one trouble – do not worry, robots are just the zombies with the future that is not the issue – the problem is this is 6 player co-op not four. So you are gonna should come across a couple of new pals, a younger brother, your mom, somebody, anyone to join you as well as your 3 buddy to fight the lethal horde of robots.

And don’t forget Group Fortress is no cost, so once you invite your new found close friends towards the game – tell ‘em you bought it for them and it set you back $50. It is your early birthday gift for your 4th and 5th preferred people today in the world…

Pay a visit to www.teamf6rtress.com/mvm/ for additional information and facts.

Because the site is fake, we don’t advise signing in to Steam through this web page.

Appears everyday adequate, does not it?

For those who look in the link itself, there’s a six instead of an ‘o’ inside the link. Copy that link and go to the address without having clicking on it, and we’ve either concrete proof of Half-Life 3 or the damnedest attempt at trolling that I’ve ever observed.


The link takes you towards the Steam Community page of presumably a Valve employee, where his status for current game (in the time of posting) was “Half-Life 3: Indev”.

Clear conclusions based on the title would either be that he’s within a non-Steam game that he renamed, but if that were the case, it wouldn’t reflect the changed name on his profile web page.

Adding further fuel towards the fire, for those who look further down the page, it is possible to see that it’s his most played game lately, logging 28.8 hours out of 94.eight in the past two weeks.

I’ve several colleagues inside the business, like those whose games are on Steam, and when they are working when Steam is booted up for an unreleased game (even when the game itself is currently on Steam) it only says that they may be “in-game” but without listing a title.

This could either be someone operating on Half-Life three, or maybe a playtester who could happen to be offered incentive to log in with their own Steam account when testing.

The vast quantity of hours – practically 1 hundred – doesn’t lead me to think that Valve is trolling.

Source: Oxcgn.com

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