The Goal Of The Skyrim Online Mod

When the Skyrim Online mod was revealed via a screenshot many hoped it was fake and argued that there should be no form of multiplayer in Skyrim because they felt that it should be single player only! meanwhile others felt different and welcomed the mod.

The mod creator has created a new site which shares the goals of the mod:

In future versions of Skyrim Online you will also be able to start your own shard (be it private or public) to play with your friends or start your own Skyrim Online private server.

What I am trying to do with Skyrim Online is to actually provide the social experience into one of the best single player game around. The ultimate goal is to be able to synchronize fully the world (same NPC, same combats, dungeon instancing…) and to be able to have advanced interactions with other players such as Player Versus Player, Guild Versus Guild, trading, group quests and much more.

As the mod gets better we hope that it will be accepted and players will realise that the mod is adding to the game and not taking away.


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