10 Games That Made Me Fall for the FPS

I adore FPSes. I appreciate Doom, Wolfenstein, Counter-Strike, Fear, ARMA, Resistance, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. I adore SOCOM, Tribes, Quake, HALO, Crysis, Half-Life, Medal of Honor, Group Fortress and Unreal Tournament. I even love Brink, Star Wars: Battlefront and Rainbow Six, and heck, there’s even just a little part of me that loves Hour of Victory if only resulting from the sheer hilarity of it all (What? You do not wish to be challenged as a player? Perfect! We’ve laid out all of the enemies for you on the HUD. And just to make it less complicated, they won’t even shoot back).

I’ve played a good number of them, from stand alone titles, franchises and their numerous sequels, mods and spin offs, and I’ve loved all of them also for their own reasons. You can find just so many awesome FPses on the market, far more that I’ve forgotten to mention, and surely much more I haven’t played. However the list beneath, which I compiled just after a great deal of going back and forth in my small brain and little-er yet heart, are the FPSes that created me fall in love-or fall deeper in love-with this particular genre of gaming in the initial location.

9) Counter-Strike
Is there everyone left on this planet that loves FPSes but hasn’t played Counter-Strike? For that matter is there any person left on this planet that doesn’t hate AWPers? But I digress. Counter-Strike is one of my faves for introducing a few of my all time preferred multi-player game modes, the hostage rescue along with the bomb set up/defuse game form. Inside the former, Counter Terrorists must rescue a hostage (durh) and extract him to a secure zone, although the Terrorists do every thing in their energy to stop that from occurring, and within the latter, a random Counter Terrorist begins with the bomb and have to plant such (set us up the bomb!) within a specified place. Additionally, CS introduced my other favored play mode, the “Gun Game“ (Gun Master in BF3), where a player would start with a fundamental gun, and continue to upgrade such by scoring kills.

Valve‘s Counter-Strike started as a Half-Life mod back in 1999, and went retail in 2000 for the Pc.

8) Half-Life

Following mentioning its mod, how could I not mention Half-Life? Readily my favorite portion about Half-Life (aside from the engaging story and puzzles sprinkled by way of the game) is that in the hero Gordon Freeman himself. Freeman isn’t some super soldier or intergalactic space gangster, nor is he the adore youngster of a demon and an angel. Rather, Gordon Freeman is an MIT doctoral graduate, a theoretical physicist, and his glasses are essentially for seeing, not for urm, hipster-ing. Superior however, he begins his career as an ass whupper not having a boring old gun, but a plain ole’ crowbar, thinking his way by some situations instead of blasting by. (Later on, he gets a hold of a Gravity Gun which allows the player to choose up things and shoot them in the enemy, but you realize what? Nevertheless just not as excellent as a five lb hunk of lead.)

Half-Life was released on the Pc in 1998 by Valve.

Source: Rantgaming.com

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