The Future of Halo: Master Chief Unmasked?

Halo 4: Master Chief Unmasked

There’s been rumors swirling around of a possible unveiling of our favorite Spartan, Master Chief, in the future of Halo. Will it be Halo 4? I’m going to assume since Halo 4 is the beginning of a new trilogy that this will most likely not happen in the next game. If an unmasking of the Chief himself is set to happen somewhere in the future I’d have to take a wild guess and say that It’d be the last game of the series. If they do in fact reveal his face I’d be under the impression it should be done so only after beating the game on legendary in order to obtain a special cut-scene. Otherwise his face would just be there for all the noobs to see, and that’d be quite irritating and wouldn’t give us much to work for.

However, some are saying the unmasking of Master Chief could quite possibly ruin the entire Halo series. It’s easy to say we want to know what he looks like, and I’m sure anyone who’s played the game is pretty curious, but would it be such a wise thing to do in the end? Would anyone really be happy with the outcome? I feel as though no matter what they make the Chief look like there will be unhappy Halo lovers everywhere complaining he’s not what they ‘expected’. What is there really to expect, and should it matter what he looks like?

Regardless of appearance Master Chief has overcome some pretty amazing obstacles for not being the ‘fastest’ or ‘strongest’ spartan. According to Cortana he simply possesses an unusual amount of luck. Either way he’s a badass in my opinion, and whether they unmask him or not is of no concern to me. My only concern at this point is what 343 has in store for us with this new trilogy, game-play wise and campaign wise. It’s already been said that we’ll take a much deeper look into Master Chief, and even the relationship between he and Cortana. Halo 4 itself will also have a much darker feel to it, which is something I can definitely look forward to.

In the end, I won’t fret over whether or not I get to see who the man behind the mask is, I just want Halo 4 in my Xbox already! What are your opinions on this matter? Would unmasking Master Chief be a bad move for 343? Let us know in the comments below!



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