Is There Anything To Look Forward To On Vita?

Like numerous gamers, I excitedly plopped down $250 this final February for the newest handheld from Sony. Confident, I received burned on the PSP, but this would be different, proper? Man, just look at that display! And two&nbspanalog sticks? Scorching damn, I am gonna perform the hell out of this thing. Minimize to ten months later, and the game I have played the most on the system is 1997’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Are us Vita owners destined for PSP: Part 2?

So far, it seems that way. Massive franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Resistance, and Contact of Duty have landed on the portable, with outcomes ranging from lackluster to atrocious. The only upcoming game that I am considerably intrigued for is Tearaway, and which is just because of the Media Molecule identify attached to it. Outside of that, I picture myself packing my Vita into my carry-on bag throughout each flight, only to remember that I will not want to perform any of its video games as soon as I’m airborne.

How about you? If you’re a Vita proprietor, what light at the end of the tunnel (if any) can you see?