Skyrim Suffering from Frame-rate Issues on PS3

Skyrim is an awesome game and especially when you play it on other platforms such as Xbox 360 it becomes more interesting because of the achievements unlocking. But on PC you just
play the game as it is and that is why I have been stuck to Xbox360 rather than playing on PC.
But those you are enjoying Skyrim on PlayStation 3 might get to face some issues, frame rate
issues. Especially when their save game exceeds 5.5 MB.

This problem has been out for quite some time and to rectify this issue a patch was released
2.01 which was supposed to fix the frame rate issue but it did not work thoroughly and fixed the
to some extent and people are still facing dropping frame rate issues now and then, says the
Eurogmaer’s Digital Foundy.

Those who are more eager to know about the issue go to Eurogamer and you will probably find
more details and insight regarding this frame rate problem and it is really annoying for those
people now who have invested their lot of time playing this game and they can’t just leave it.
Who knows they might release another patch to resolve it or do something else.

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