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FIFA 14 PC Version Download

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FIFA 14 Details and Gameplay

Download FIFA 14 Full Version Free. Selling over 4 million copies, across a wide range of platforms, FIFA 13 was perhaps one of the most popular sports gaming titles ever released. How will EA Sports follow up after this?

Let us take a quick snapshot look at FIFA 14! What features will it add or expand on? What are the highlights of the game to look forward to? And is it worth the upgrade?

Rather than being a heavy handed over haul of the game’s predecessor, this installment of FIFA will feature in game tweaks to improve performance and game play.

Enhancements to the game include a huge update to the ball physics. This has been a complaint of past players of the came, who claim that ball fails to respond as it would in real life.

In that light, EA Sports has completely overhauled every aspect of how the ball interacts with its environment. Everything from how the ball flies through the air, and thus how easily it can blocked or intercepted, to how and when the ball responds to being kicked, allowing more shots to be missed due to timing, but allowing more intricate and realistic trick shots, has been changed.

From the ground up, EA Sports has strived to make the ball and its reactions more realistic. This means that how players shoot the ball has also been overhauled. EA Sports has studied real life game graphics, and as a result each player now has his own kicking style, that affects the ball’s path.

The enhancements do not stop there though. To decrease the amount of straight back and forth between teams on the field, EA Sports has tweaked the intelligence of computer controlled players. In fact, they’ve made major changes to their entire team mate intelligence systems. This improves abilities to have your team recover from poor game play choices.

The system also alters how teams play defense and offense. It gives the computer controlled teams and players a wider choice of tactics to chose from when playing offense or defense. It allows them to chose and focus on large threats when playing defense.

The new system that has been implemented also changes how players will approach a player who has the ball, and even allow them to be more aggressive in obtaining the ball. All of this adds up to far more realistic game play that makes it more like you have actual players on your team.

FIFA 14 also features enhancements to the recently introduce ‘Protect the Ball’  feature, which expands this feature to now being able to be used while the ball is in motion. This is a vast improvement, since the system was previously only usable while not in motion.

Lastly, EA Sports has improved the game’s recruitment feature. Well, at least expanded. It will include improvements to the ‘Global Scouting Network’ a feature which will allow players who use the games extensive career mode to groom new players into veterans of the game.

Clearly, FIFA 14, while not completely overhauling its engine, creates a more competitive game environment, with the kinds of fine tuning tweaks one would expect as a follow up to the still strong FIFA 13.

Trailer Video and Gameplay

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Release Date and Platform

FIFA 14 will be released in Fall 2013 in multiple platform including PC, Xbox 360, and PS3