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Details and Gameplay

Download FIFA 13 Full Version Free.  The start of FIFA 13 is not very far away, but it already seems to set the football lovers on the highest level of excitement and enthusiasm. All that is known as for right now is that it will begin on 28th September. All the online trailers seem to be indecisive and unpredictable. Many football lovers want to know about the new features of on the latest FIFA Games. After EA has propounded FIFA 12 as the most realistic and exciting football game, everyone awaits its new release.

This new year iteration has the main focus on four features, and they are:

Free kicks: It is said to be the most realistic tool to provide tactical free kicks. This feature is expected to be extremely unpredictable and dangerous up to a certain level.

Better touch control: This unique feature allows the user to completely transform the way that the players control the ball on the field when they are into the possessions. With this feature available, it would be easier for the defenders team to win the possession back.s

Complete dribbling: The one on one situation is supercharged with this complete dribbling feature that allows players to face opponents and dribble the ball in the most realistic way with 360 degree, a chance for them to be totally dangerous and creative.

Attacking intelligence: The advanced artificial intelligence provides player the attacking intelligence to let the player attack in the most natural way that is as exciting as the real play itself. It is said to be the most sophisticated feature ever achieved in the game. Players can use their artificial intelligence to attack, work hard and even analyze the possessions to leave the space smartly to open the defence.

The features as explained individually may not sound that upheaval but can bring a whole new way you can enjoy all new release of FIFA 13. The unique dribbling mechanics that are featured in this game is absolutely a boon for the players as they control the ball and plan their attack or defence with the amazing artificial intelligence provided to them. It could be really exciting for you to keep exploring what each player can do with one touch control.

Apart from the newest and amazing features, some other details like the cheering and exciting crowed who take off their shirt when their team score a goal is pretty amazing. The goal scored, or an injury allows the camera to zoom to the faces of the crowed to capture their emotions and excitements. Few people shout of joy and others may be shown crying.

All these features combined are sure to give you an ultimate gaming experience. The on-pitch action is something to be watched out for as the individual players would be handling the ball that flies over their body according to their skill set. This game is worth getting hyped, and it is expected to be living up to the expectation of a high end game-play with most realistic features and improvements.

Trailer Video and Gameplay

FIFA 13 Best Goals *Update

Screenshot *Update

Release Date and Platform

FIFA 13 will be released in September 25 in multiple platform including PC, Xbox 360, and PS3


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