EA’s Official Response On Battlefield 1943 For PS3 Edition

When Battlefield 3 was first announced, an incentive was offered for all PS3 owners, the incentive was Battlefield 1943. Now a few months later and Battlefield 3 on the PS3 has been released, but where is 1943?

EA PR Manager, Snez Stojanovska explained what happened.

There seems to be some confusion around the Battlefield 1943 offer and we’d like to clarify. We had originally planned to include Battlefield 1943 on the disk but decided to replace that offer with new content that PlayStation fans can enjoy.

“Thanks to an exclusive Sony partnership, PS3 players will have one-week early access to Battlefield 3 Expansion Packs, starting with the post-launch Back to Karkand digital expansion pack.”

So there you go, Battlefield 1943 will never be coming to the PS3 edition, instead PS3 owners have received the Back to Kirkland DLC for free like everyone else, however they also get to play the DLC one week earlier than anyone else.