Wii U: Black Ops II’s Best Console Version

News could be slow proper now, but that just means there’s even more time for us journalists to play games ideal? Suitable, and due to the fact Christmas I’ve been playing a lot of Black Ops II. I have in no way been the largest fan of Call of Duty, although I have enjoyed the original Modern day Warfare and a number of the earlier World War II themed games.

I got a $50 gift card for Greatest Buy through the holidays and I decided that finding an additional Wii U game in my library was a have to. A single issue I had noticed so far in playing my Wii U is that I hadn’t actually played a lot of factors online inside a multiplayer setting. How can I pretty judge how nicely the online technique is if I don’t do such issues?

So, just after scoping out an online deal that had the game $20 off, I decided it was time to produce the plunge in to the depths at which many Nintendo gamers happen to be critical of over the years: For the first time in four years I really bought a Call of Duty game. To put it in fair perspective having said that, this isn’t my 1st foray into Black Ops II. I had previously borrowed the game from a buddy to play on my Xbox 360 and I had exhaustive amounts of hours put into that version. Conversely, I spent some time using the PS3 versions at the same time over the course of two weekend romps at my cousins apartment.

Needless to say, I had played quite a bit of this game currently just before getting it for the Wii U, so I sort of knew I would get pleasure from it if for nothing other than the reality I didn’t must borrow the game any longer. Sure, part of me felt guilty playing the game since it’s supposed to be “generic and unimaginative”. It is surely no Borderlands 2, and I would hesitate to say it is improved than other IP’s out there. But man, just after all these years I not merely have an understanding of why Call of Duty is so attractive, I now possess a definitive view into why Nintendo is so high and mighty regarding the Wii U becoming as fantastic if not greater than whats offered for hardcore games. To put it bluntly, from the console versions of Black Ops II… the Wii U is merely the best of the bunch. Period, end of story.

Source: Zeldainformer.com

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