Wal-Mart receives “bad batch” of Modern Warfare 3?

According to a Wal-Mart employee located in Peachtree City, GA, they’ve received an alarming number of Modern Warfare 3 returns regarding the discs being unreadable.

We keep getting the game returned, guess it’s a bad batch ’cause all of them have the same problem. The discs aren’t playing.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the game franchise has been under fire for this issue. Shortly after Modern Warfare 2’s release in 2009, there were also mass complaints of discs being unreadable on first time use. (I myself  being one of them) Luckily I managed to dodge that bullet this time around. Although this is the first I’ve heard of it since Modern Warfare 3’s release, having experienced this problem with previous Modern Warfare games, it hardly surprises me. Surely this can’t be the only retailer to receive a “bad batch” of the game. So, my question to all of you is, have you heard of, or even seen this problem in your area? If so, were you someone who purchased one of the faulty discs?


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