Video: CoD Ghosts vs BF 4 Comparison

Battlefield and Call of Duty have normally been battling it out for your undivided attention and, as we enter into next generation of consoles later this year, the battle is going to be as fierce as ever. Even though Call of Duty has often managed to break sales records and leave Battlefield behind, will this new generation of consoles give Battlefield the opportunity to make its core audience?

There is certainly nevertheless a great deal to become revealed about every title, but by looking at the past and gauging the future, we can be sure that each titles are going to be packed filled with wonderful gameplay and a lot of next-generation eye candy. Battlefield 4 released a 17 minute trailer back in March, displaying some impressive gameplay. Whilst this gameplay was running on pc hardware, it serves as a great representation of what to count on on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay is running straight around the Xbox One console and, to no surprise, displayed some impressive visuals too.

When you look in the two games side-by-side, both equally impress with excellent environments including forests, underwater environments, and other a variety of environments. Character models also look just as impressive, with noticeable improvements in facial detail and animation. The lighting, having said that, appears to become stronger in Battlefield 4’s initial gameplay footage, but time will inform if Call of Duty can match it. Environmental effects, such as wind and debris, present terrific atmosphere in both games. Nonetheless, Battlefield 4 appears to have far more destruction thanks to its Frostbite 2 engine.

Graphics aside, each games appear to be keeping on track using the very same gameplay mechanics, with Call of Duty focusing on tight, rapid paced action and Battlefield showcasing larger scale battles. In the end, its as much as you, the customer, to make the choice . Leave a comment beneath and let us know which 1 you think is greater: Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4?


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