Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 – First DLC Nostalgic Map Pack

According to a video uploaded by user , the first DLC Map Pack that will be released will be nostalgia based, ergo the name the “Nostalgic Map Pack”.

The YouTube user uploaded a video showing what could be the reveal image, showing us a date of 3.1.2012. The image looks reasonably real and the YouTube users has around 50,000 therefore there wouldn’t really be a need to make a fake image and pretend it was real.

The video description also states that the map pack will have Terminal, Favela, Crossfire, Shipment from MW1 and MW2, which would definitely make fans happy. There has been no info on how much it will cost but many Xbox users can expect it to most likely cost 1500 MS Points.

Whether its Real or not, we should find out in a few weeks when the map pack will most likely be revealed.

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